What Is GitOps and Why Do We Need It?

What Is GitOps?

Just by its name, it’s easy to see that GitOps has something to do with Git and operations. But what exactly?

  • Infrastructure as code. Everything about the system’s infrastructure, down to machine and network settings, is declared as versionable files.
  • Git as the single source of truth. In GitOps, teams can use the Git version control tool to manage how the infrastructure evolves, usually by adopting a pull-request-based workflow.
  • Automation. CI/CD pipelines are used to manage not only application source code but infrastructure and operations.
  • Developer-centric approach. GitOps leverages tools and techniques developers are already comfortable with, such as Git and CI/CD workflows.

Why Should You Care About GitOps?

Why would you want to have your infrastructure’s configuration stored as declarative instructions in a Git repository? What’s the benefit of that?

The Benefits of GitOps

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of adopting GitOps.

All Changes to the Environment Are Completely Traceable

In GitOps, every deployment is self-documenting. Since everything has to happen via the Git repository, all changes to the system are completely accessible via the Git log. It’s easy to see who made the change, when, and exactly what changed from one version to another.

You Can Recover From Errors Faster

If your environment is down due to the last deployment, you can simply use Git to revert to the previous version. With GitOps, rolling a bad deployment back is as easy as it can get.

It’s Easy to Share Knowledge Across the Team

Having a Git repository as the single source of truth for the infrastructure makes it very easy to share information across the team. If you want to learn how the infrastructure evolved over time, it’s just a matter of cloning the repository and reading through the past commits.

What Should Your Next Step Be on Your GitOps Journey?

In this post, we’ve given you a brief introduction to the concept of GitOps. It is, in short, a way to apply DevOps practices to native cloud applications. Better yet, GitOps accomplishes that while employing tools and workflows developers already know and love.



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