QA vs. Testing: What’s the Difference?

Let’s Start With Testing

Let’s start by coming up with a working definition of software testing. Software testing is the activity of verifying that a given piece of software works as expected. Though there’s a plethora of types of testing, I think this definition sums it up nicely. And, though manual testing is still useful in many situations, nowadays most of the time when you say “testing,” you mean “automated testing,” since automated testing is the foundation of a CI/CD pipeline.

What About QA?

QA stands for quality assurance. It’s a set of strategies you employ to assure — hence the name — the quality of the product.

  • Definition of code standards
  • Implementation and maintenance of a code review practice
  • Definition and configuration of linters/static analysis tools
  • Training/mentoring developers on best practices
  • Creation and maintenance of up-to-date internal documentation
  • Definition of processes to ensure user requirements are being met — e.g. the writing of automated acceptance testing

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control: You Need Both

As you’ve seen, I’ve included testing in my list of QA activities. The reasons for that are two-fold.



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