Increase Test Automation Coverage With SmartBear Training

SmartBear is a platform encompassing best practice enforcement tools. These tools range from design and development quality to test automation for seamless-yet-safe integration to performance optimization solutions. As wide as this high-level take suggests, ensuring a complete solution for your organization, no matter the size, requires a more deliberate effort than just signing up. SmartBear training ranks high on this effort list.

Let’s see what four things you should do to get complete coverage as far as test automation with SmartBear is concerned.

1. Thoroughly Evaluate the Test Tools

Already, this covers a large portion of the test environments and product packaging options. Then there’s the issue of how well any tests that are conducted in specific environments turn out. To discover this, you either take the word of customer testimonials or get your hands dirty with demos and trial periods.

2. Map Your Scope With Tool Capabilities

A proper mapping exercise, including a side-by-side mini audit to gauge how the various automation test tools in SmartBear fit into your strategy, is crucial.

3. Consider Your Development Framework

SmartBear goes the distance accommodating your team’s approach to software development by providing a tools academy service. While this is not directed by a professional, it goes a long way in onboarding and directing tool usage.

4. Seek Training and Support on Tools

In addition to using its documentation to solve user problems, SmartBear training in the form of a guided workshop from trusted engineers cuts the learning curve significantly. It sparks the discovery of usage instances from a different angle. Also, you learn how to solve problem sets that you may not have encountered yet. Most of all, you’ll be instilling confidence in the platform.

Making the Most of SmartBear Training

All this starts with a scheduled attendance to a SmartBear training session. In particular, Cprime’s two-day course on automated testing with SmartBear is sure to leave your teams equipped with the latest testing knowledge and skills to build better software.



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