Definition of Done vs. Acceptance Criteria — 3 Key Differences You Need to Know

  • If my story is done, that means I have fulfilled the requirements of that story to make sure it is “done”, and I need to ask the Product Owner to review my work and agree that it is indeed “done”.
  • Desired color for room 1 (master bedroom): blue
  • Desired color for room 2 (living room): beige
  • Desired color for room 3 (kitchen): green
  1. All 4 walls have been painted with the new desired color.
  2. All paint is dry.
  3. All unused paint has been put away.
  4. All tools and supplies have been put away.
  1. Master bedroom: Walls have been painted blue
  2. Livingroom: Walls have been painted beige
  3. Kitchen: Walls have been painted green
  1. DoD applies to all of your work items, and AC is unique to each individual work item
  2. DoD may evolve over time, and AC may remain relatively stable
  3. DoD may include general non-functional requirements, and AC may include specific non-functional requirements



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